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Code of Conduct for Contributors

This site is run by Shane Curcuru, and is meant as a resource for the world to showcase the many non-profit FOSS Foundations that help keep open source projects and communities running. Contributions, corrections, and improvements are welcomed, and must be licensable under Apache-2.0. Regular contributors may be asked to join as project maintainers.

Contributors and participants in the GitHub project infrastructure are expected to be excellent to each :smiley_cat: :dog: other, and in general follow the widely-used Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct version 2.1 Contributor Covenant

Opening a GitHub Issue detailing any unacceptable behavior within this project is the preferred way to report problems; however if for any reason you wish to make a report privately, you may email complete details of the errant behavior, as well as why you believe the behavior is inappropriate, to All reports will be treated as confidentially as practical (meaning: if I get a subpoena, I may have to turn over emails).