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Foundations Resources

Want to understand more about open source projects, governance, and foundations? We’ve picked out some of the best places out there to learn from. As with most of open source, we’re building on the work of many, many other excellent contributors out there.

Foundations, Governance, And Project Management


Shane’s guide to FOSS Funding researches both how foundations are funded, and lists many ways your FOSS project can find financial support.


Sustainability is about maintaining a healthy open source ecosystem for individuals, projects, and software users alike. The word “sustainable” means so many different things, and this space is evolving quickly with new research, funding, and governance models.

Shane has a curated list of sustainability research papers, practical how-tos, and financial hosting examples and more.


Many academic researchers are focusing on open source, both on technical topics and especially community governance and the effectiveness of distributed communities of collaborators. If you have useful research papers or topics to add here, please submit them!