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Research Topics

FOSS Foundations are not the only organizations that matter in the software ecosystem. Here are a few other areas we’re interested in researching. This is an open source project that relies on contributors like you to help!

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Foundations To Research

There are a number of other interesting FOSS legal organizations we'd like help adding to the directory.
commonName website addressCountry addressRegion nonprofitStatus description
Center for Cultivation of Technology DE HRB 180673 Services host for opensource groups
Stichting The Commons Conservancy NL 67115918
Foundation For Public Code NL registration 74996452 and identification number (RSIN) 860102294 Dutch Vereniging
Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation C.I.C. UK 09848956 United Kingdom not-for-profit limited by guarantee
Free Knowledge Insititue NL 34288702 Dutch Stichting
Krita Foundation NL 56592574 Stichting Krita Foundation
NLNet Foundation NL 41208365 Netherlands ANBI
NLNet Labs Foundation NL 34126276 Netherlands ANBI
OASIS Open Europe NL 81197403 Dutch Stichting
Open Doc Society NL Not found in lookup Dutch Stichting Dead: web host not responding?
Open Search Foundation e.V. DE Munich VR 208036. German e.V.
OpenUK UK 11209475 United Kingdom not-for-profit limited by guarantee
OW2 FR French 1901 Non-profit Association
PostgreSQL Europe FR French 1901 Non-profit Association
R Foundation AU Lookup costs a fee Austrian non-profit association (Verein)
Hack Club US CA c3 EIN 81-2908499 Focus on high schools, teens, and hackathons, but lots of fiscal hosting
PHP Foundation US How should we model well-organized projects with boards (etc) that aren't legal entities at all? They're a collective at OC.
Erlang Ecosystem Foundation US CA EIN 83-3185247
open technology fund US DC EIN 84-3126447
Prototype Fund DE German-only applications for grants to open source (funder org primarily)
Godot Foundation NL Stichting Godot Kvk 87351919
Commonhaus Foundation US FL c6 EIN 84-3279550 Florida N19000010293 Changed name and now a Java-focused home for long-lived projects
Spritely Networked Communities Institute US DE c3 EIN 87-4257919 Home of the Spritely Goblins Distributed Programming platform - the core of our vision of a completely decentralised social internet

Corporate FOSS Contributor Funds

A number of companies have announced FOSS Contributor Funds, which allow employees to direct some corporate funding to specific FOSS projects. Can we model these programs, and how would we store the data? Are there other similarly organized corporate programs?