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Welcome to the FOSS Foundations Metadata directory! We are eager to collaborate with academic researchers and open source practitioners alike on curating rich common metadata about the many excellent non-profit Foundations that either host or help open source projects succeed.


  • Create a rich metadata directory about nonprofit open source organizations.
  • Data is easy to consume in multiple ways that are reliable.
  • Website and any tooling are zero/low maintenance.
  • Build simple PR-driven data submission that prevents errors.
  • Attract multiple contributors that create community governance.


  • Tracking commercial entities.
  • Tracking non-entity projects; i.e. open source projects without legal entities.
  • Fancy features, UI, or hard to maintain visualizations.
  • Volunteers are welcomed to help turn non-goals into goals!


Read more about our data philosophy.

  • Store basic metadata in _foundations/ frontmatter, parseable as YAML
    • Individual files makes PRs very simple and limited to the organization you’re updating
    • Most data fields are purely optional, since we rely on volunteers to research data
  • Store unstructured data as the body of the .md documents, meaning they can be self-describing
  • Workflow expects to maintain _foundations files, and then use Actions to auto-build alternate data formats
  • Using flat files / GitHub Pages means zero maintenance
  • Will store a subset of metadata for commercial organizations and independent projects
    • People searching for a project will see if it’s a non-profit (in main data source) or not