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OpenAPI Roadmap

We plan to use OpenAPI to provide read-only access to discover listed foundations, as well as get metadata for a foundation.


  • Foundation frontmatter metadata matches openapi/…/foundation-schema.yaml
  • Find the list of foundations by identifier (openapi):
    • GET
    • Returns {"almalinux": ["","AlmaLinux","AlmaLinux OS Foundation"], "asf": ["", ...
  • Get data for a single foundation (openapi):
    • GET
    • Returns:
identifier: asf
commonName: Apache Software Foundation
legalName: Apache Software Foundation
foundingDate: '1999'


  • Build update tooling based on schema to create the _foundations/list.json based on all files checked in.
  • Build PR linting actions based on that schema.
  • Replicate for entities, sponsorships, etc.
  • What else do we need to build tooling from to ensure data models are kept linted?
  • What other read-only OpenAPI access should we provide?