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AlmaLinux OS Foundation


Used as filename or fragment reference: almalinux
Common Name: AlmaLinux
Legal Name: AlmaLinux OS Foundation
Founding Date: 2021
Location: US
Software Types: distro
Wikidata ID: Q106601457


Board Size: 9
Board Type: elected
Board Website:
Bylaws Website:
Approx Number Of Paid Staff: 0
Nonprofit Type: Nonprofit501c6
Governance documentation (when available): Search for docs on FOSS Governance


Tax Authority ID: 86-2791864
Funding Sources: sponsors
Sponsor List Website:
Example Sponsors: Hawk Host, OpenLogic, CERN,,, Hivelocity, Mattermost, Cybertrust Japan Co., Codenotary, Atix, World4You Internet Services GmbH, CloudLinux Inc, KnownHost, LLC, WebPros, Inc (under cPanel and Plesk brands), IPInfo


Licenses Used:
Ethics/COI Policy:


Official Logo Link:

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is an organization created to own and manage everything to do with AlmaLinux OS, and for the benefit of the AlmaLinux OS community.