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Apereo Foundation Inc


Used as filename or fragment reference: apereo
Common Name: Apereo
Legal Name: Apereo Foundation Inc
Description: The Apereo Foundation works internationally to increase the awareness, development and adoption of open source software in support of academia: education, scholarship, research and community. Apereo projects and communities span educational disciplines and technologies, operational infrastructure and practices, and research activities and interests; 'for academics, by academics.'
Founding Date: 2012
Location: US
State: OR
Accepts new projects?: yes
Software Types: academic
Wikidata ID: Q6161549


Board Size: 11
Board Type: elected
Board Website:
Bylaws Website:
Approx Number Of Paid Staff: 7
Governance Description: Modeled on The Apache Software Foundation, with individual projects' governance models defined and managed independently with the Apereo board overseeing each project, reporting directly and in line with general requirements.
Example Projects Hosted: Apereo CAS, Bedework Calendar, Karuta Portfolio, OnTask, Opencast, OpenEquella, SakaiLMS, UniTime, uPortal, Xerte
Project List Website:
Services Provided: accounts payable/receivable, accounting/bookkeeping, auditing, awareness and advocacy, community development and management, events planning and management, fundraising (grants and sponsorships), human resource management, infrastructure, insurance, legal services, marketing and promotion, organizational development, payroll, policy analysis, project incubation, receiving property and stock donations, tax filling/reporting.
Nonprofit Type: Nonprofit501c3
Governance documentation (when available): Search for docs on FOSS Governance


Tax Authority ID: 46-2060554
Budget in USD: US$400K
Budget Website:
Funding Sources: donations, grants, memberships, partnerships, services, sponsors
Sponsor List Website:
Example Sponsors:


Licenses Used: Apache-2.0, Educational Community License, Version 2.0
CLA Policy:
Ethics/COI Policy:
Code Of Conduct Website:
Source Of Code Of Conduct: Mozilla participation guidelines, Ubuntu code of conduct, view source code of conduct


Primary Brand Name: Apereo
Secondary Brand Name(s): Apereo Foundation
Is Primary Brand Registered?: yes
Official Logo Link:
Is Logo Registered?: yes