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Bytecode Alliance Foundation


Used as filename or fragment reference: bytecode
Common Name: Bytecode Alliance
Legal Name: Bytecode Alliance Foundation
Description: We develop runtime environments and language toolchains where security, efficiency, and modularity can all coexist across a wide range of devices and architectures
Location: US
State: DE
Software Types: bytecodes
Wikidata ID: Q75097496


Board Size: 9
Board Type: elected by member class
Board Website:
Bylaws Website:
Project Governance Description:
Project List Website:
Nonprofit Type: Nonprofit501c6
Governance documentation (when available): Search for docs on FOSS Governance


Tax Authority ID: 86-3131901
Sponsorship Model(s):



Trademark Policy Website:

Tax Financial Data

IRS determination date: 2023-05-01
NTEE Code: S41
Approximate financial status from ProPublica JSON data
Tax Period: 2022-12-01
Assets EOY: 551828
Revenue: 399168