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Drupal Association


Used as filename or fragment reference: drupal
Common Name: Drupal
Legal Name: Drupal Association
Location: US
Software Types: content
Wikidata ID: Q5309378


Nonprofit Type: Nonprofit501c3
Governance documentation (when available): Search for docs on FOSS Governance


Tax Authority ID: 27-1138640
Sponsor List Website:
Sponsorship Model(s): drupal


Licenses Used: GPL-2.0-or-later
Code Of Conduct Website:
Source Of Code Of Conduct: Ubuntu
Diversity Policy Website:
Description Of Diversity Policy: Program and Initiatives


Primary Brand Name: Drupal
Is Primary Brand Registered?: yes; by Dries Buytaert
Trademark Policy Website:
Trademark Policy Description: Provides for an "automatic license" when promoting Drupal software and using profits to improve Drupal; country of jurisdiction is Belgium (Where Dries lives).

Tax Financial Data

IRS determination date: 2010-08-01
NTEE Code: B99
Approximate financial status from ProPublica JSON data
Tax Period: 2022-12-01
Assets EOY: 3083411
Revenue: 3550101

The Drupal Association works to foster the growth of the Drupal community, supporting the project’s vision to create a safe, secure, and open web for everyone.