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Foundation for Public Code vereniging


Used as filename or fragment reference: ffpc
Common Name: Foundation for Public Code
Legal Name: Foundation for Public Code vereniging
Founding Date: 2019
Location: NL
Accepts new projects?: yes
Software Types: various
Wikidata ID: Q108304854


Board Size: 3
Board Type: appointed
Board Website:
Bylaws Website:
Approx Number Of Paid Staff: 5
Example Projects Hosted: Signalen, OpenZaak, Omgevingsbeleid, Standard for Public Code, Governance game
Project List Website:
Services Provided: Codebase stewardship
Nonprofit Type: algemeen nut beogende instelling
Governance documentation (when available): Search for docs on FOSS Governance


Tax Authority ID: 860102294
Funding Sources: donations, memberships


Ethics/COI Policy:
Code Of Conduct Website:
Source Of Code Of Conduct: Contributor Covenant


Trademark Policy Website:
Trademark Usage Website:
Official Logo Link:

The Foundation for Public Codeis is a nonprofit with a mission to enable public-purpose software and policy that is open and collaborative.