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KDE e.V.


Used as filename or fragment reference: kde
Common Name: KDE
Legal Name: KDE e.V.
Founding Date: 27 November 1997
Location: DE
Accepts new projects?: yes
Software Types: various
Wikidata ID: Q1431


Board Size: 5
Board Type: elected
Board Website:
Bylaws Website:
Approx Number Of Paid Staff: 2
Example Projects Hosted: Plasma, Krita, Kdenlive, KDE Frameworks
Project List Website:
Nonprofit Type: DEAssociation
Governance documentation (when available): Search for docs on FOSS Governance


Tax Authority ID: VR31685
Local Tax Authority ID: DE278127691
Funding Sources: sponsors, donations, memberships
Sponsor List Website:


Licenses Used: GPL; LGPL; various
CLA Policy:
Ethics/COI Policy:
Code Of Conduct Website:
Source Of Code Of Conduct: Ubuntu
Where Code Of Conduct Linked: footer


Primary Brand Name: KDE
Is Primary Brand Registered?: yes
Official Logo Link:
Is Logo Registered?: yes

KDE e.V. is a registered non-profit organization that represents the KDE Project in legal and financial matters.